Anticipation Rock Vibes "ARvibes"

ARvibes is an educational and coaching community that strives to help change lives, inspire people, and address mental health concerns. Some of our key focal points are the Law of Attraction, mindset, positive anticipation, and helping people find their purpose through motivation and coaching.

Did you know that the right balance of dopamine is vital for both physical and mental wellbeing as it plays a huge part in controlling the movements a person makes, as well as their emotional responses? Anticipation is a neurotransmitter meaning it sends signals from the body to the brain. Positive Anticipation comes from the part of the brain that controls automatic non thinking behavior. When you keep positive anticipation always in play, your brain constantly desires more dopamine. Check out our products and support the brand that's trying to change lives and make an impact in the world. Most importantly always remember that your thoughts become things. Start focusing on changing the way you think!


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